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Featured and Published in the Media

ECS Blog post announcing Canadian Student Award Winner (2021).  Article announcing my Electrochemical society Canadian Section Award 

CIC Newsletter: LOGIC 2021- Be the Catalyst for Change (2021).  Summary article in CIC Newsletter about LOGIC 2021

NSERC 2020 Scholarship and Fellowships Competition Results (2021).  Public announcement of my NSERC CGS-D award

Cover Profile at ChemElectroChem (2021).  Cover profile written about the cover design and the paper published in ChemElectroChem

Chemical Institute Of Canada Interview (2020).  Interviewed about becoming a Canadian Delegate for the International Younger Chemists Network 

RSC Twitter Poster Conference (2020).  Article announcing the winners of the RSC Twitter Poster conference 2020 

Chemistry World Interview (2020).  Interviewed about online conferences during COVID-19

Global News Durham Interview (2020).  Interviewed on teaching online during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Part of the 1 Million Women in STEM campaign (2020).  Profile and interview published and highlighted on the website as a role model in STEM

See it Be it STEM it Role Model (2020). Highlighted on the website as a role model in STEM

Guest Blog post for UBC Green chemistry group (2019). Blog highlighting relevant green chemistry research

4 tips to help improve your presentation tips (2019). Interviewed about my experience participating in 3MT 2019 at Ontario Tech

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