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Who am I?

Before I start blogging about my PhD journey I first wanted to introduce myself and who I am. I grew up in a small (well small when I lived there!) city near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I started at Ontario Tech University right after high school to purse a concurrent degree in Chemistry to become a high school teacher. While very difficult, I enjoyed my undergraduate degree in chemistry so much so that I didn't want to stop learning everything I could about it- like seriously how could you stop learning the secret lives of molecules?! I loved teaching very much but I decided that I would be happier if I pursued graduate studies instead. It was a bonus when I learned that you could teach while doing graduate studies! So I started my masters at Ontario Tech, co-supervised, in Materials Science. Once I started it I truly loved everything about it (except the courses, ugh).

Here I am in the first year of my masters working with silanes

Knowing that research was the career for me I was debating about doing PhD. It was really hard for me to decide this as I had so many people in elementary school and high school not believe that I could do the "math" sciences. It was my dream to do it but my self doubt, or as I recently learned "impostor syndrome" always made me feel like I could never do it. But I thought I was dedicated enough to try, so I did. I transferred to PhD (meaning I took an exam and transferred straight from masters to PhD). This is where I am at now, pursuing my PhD in Materials Science on research I really care about. I do a lot of electrochemistry in my research (it's debatably all I do) hence the name "Electrochem Femme" - my best friend came up with that name I cannot take credit for it. My goal is to become a research prof at a university, combining my love for teaching and the quest for knowledge. In starting this blog site I hope that sharing my journey through this degree will help-or at least be relatable to someone else in a similar situation. I also thing this is a unique way to communicate science effectively, practice writing, and as a creative outlet for my life. Thank you for reading and visiting my page!

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