Teaching Experience

Ontario Tech Science Teaching Assistant

Taught upper year chemistry and forensics courses

  • CHEM 1800 (Chemistry for Engineers), CHEM 1010 (Chemistry I), CHEM 3540 (Instrumental and Analytical Chemistry II), FSCI 4030 (Forensics Drug Chemistry and Toxicology), and CHEM 3830 (Instrumental Analytical Chemistry)

  • Hosted tutorials in CHEM 3830

Teaching 2.jpg

Guest Lecturer

  • Guest lectured in CHEM 3830 on Raman Spectroscopy

  • Guest lectured in CHEM 2220 on Raman Spectroscopy

  • Guest lectured in Materials Science graduate course (MTSC 6330) on Hydrodynamic Voltammetry

Instructor at OSCC55+

Taught environmental chemistry workshops at the Oshawa Seniors Community Centre

Durham College Laboratory Professor

Taught a second year analytical chemistry laboratory course, CHEM 3131 ​

  • Demonstrated the use of laboratory equipment, enforced safe laboratory practice, and proper usage of personal protective equipment

Private Tutor

Privately tutoring university students in calculus, biology, chemistry, and statistics courses